Keeping Your Kids Cavity-Free

National Children’s Dental Health MonthFebruary is “National Children’s Dental Health Month,” so today, we’re going to have a talk about your child’s mouth.

The truth is that most people put their children’s dental health on the backburner, but there’s a reason that kids get cavities far more frequently than adults.

For one, kids aren’t as aware of their diets. Kids love sugar and soft drinks. They’re not super aware of their dental health habits, either. Most kids are too busy playing outside to worry about brushing for the whole two minutes and flossing after every meal.

Taking care of your child’s dental health begins before their teeth are even formed. Once their baby teeth grow in, it’s important that you keep them free of cavities, so their gums remain in optimal health to accept their permanent teeth.

A lot of the time, parents think that their young children’s dental health doesn’t matter as much, because those teeth fall out anyways. But the truth is that dental health starts at a young age. Not only are those healthy habits important to instill, but a healthy jaw bone and gums are conducive to healthy permanent teeth. We’ve seen children as young as four years old, who need infected teeth pulled, because of poor dental health. Fortunately, you can keep your kids teeth strong and healthy by following these rules.

5 Ways to Safeguard Your Kid’s Teeth Against Cavities

Keeping your kid’s teeth free of cavities doesn’t need to be a painstaking task. It just takes a little bit of gumption to instill the perfect dental routines. These are six easy ways that will make a difference in your child’s dental health.

  1. Keep their mouths free of fingers and inanimate objects. Kids are curious creatures. They tend to do things like eat gum from under tables and chew on their fingers and toys. Kids also tend to get their hands pretty grimy, which means they introduce a lot of bacteria to their mouths through their hands. Unfortunately, these bacteria can wreak havoc on the teeth and gums, causing cavities. One way to cut back on the amount of bacteria in their mouth is by making sure that they only put food, water, and their toothbrushes around their teeth.
  2. Don’t share germs. A lot of the time, parents don’t see anything wrong with sharing toothbrushes, utensils, cups, straws, and even bites of food with their kids. It’s just natural to do these things. Unfortunately, adult mouths have way more germs than children. Children’s immune systems and mouths aren’t equipped to handle the same kind of germs that adults have, which means that sharing germs can lead to bacterial buildup.
  3. Start their dental routine at a young age. As soon as your child’s teeth begin to erupt, you should make sure that you clean them daily with a small soft toothbrush. They actually make special toothbrushes for brand new primary teeth. Typically, you don’t need to use toothpaste, because you don’t want your young child to accidentally swallow too much. If you do decide to use toothpaste, you should get a brand that’s made specifically for children. Getting a jumpstart on their dental health will teach them the importance of brushing and ward off cavities.
  4. Cut back on sugar. One of the best ways to keep your kid’s teeth cavity-free is by cutting back their sugar consumption. Avoid feeding them highly processed starches, and make sure that they drink a lot of water to wash away sugar and bacteria. Especially make sure that you don’t feed your children before bed.
  5. Go to the dentist. Taking your child to the dentist, after they’re experiencing pain means that prevention is too late. A great way to prevent cavities is by taking your kids to the dentist for routine cleanings and checkups. A lot of children suffer from dental anxiety. Taking your child to the dentist at a young age will make them feel more comfortable at the dentist.

Staying on top of your kid’s dental health isn’t as hard as it seems. Following the steps above will ensure that they have a happy and healthy smile. Don’t forget to set a good example by taking care of your own teeth!