Maintaining Oral Hygiene by Brushing Correctly

brushing your teeth correctlyIt’s easy to get sloppy, when you habitually perform a mundane task. For instance, how much time do you spend brushing your teeth? Most people wake up bleary eyed, slap some toothpaste on their brush, give their teeth a good scrub, and then dash through their morning routine before work.

Unless you have a self timed electric toothbrush, you probably don’t brush a full 2 minutes. However, that’s the recommended time to brush your teeth. We’re going to brush over some dental hygiene tips, so you can assess your oral care routine.

The Right Brushing Techniques

If you use a manual toothbrush, make sure you’re using the right kind of toothbrush for your teeth. For most of us, soft-bristled toothbrushes work best to get rid of plaque and food.

If you’re suffering from calculus build up, your dentist might recommend a hard bristled brush. Ask which toothbrush is better at your next exam, and we’ll make sure you’re using the appropriate brush.

Besides using soft bristled brushes, you typically want to get a small headed toothbrush, so you can clean the hard to reach areas in the back of your mouth.

It’s not uncommon for people to scrub their teeth too hard and ignore their gumline. Scrubbing too hard can cause enamel damage, especially when using a hard bristled brush. Brushing your teeth effectively requires you to pay attention to detail, using short and gentle strokes.

Make sure you’re brushing around your gum line, and spend extra time to reach your back molars, fillings, crowns, or  any cosmetic restorations (if you have them). When brushing your gum line, your toothbrush should be tilted to a 45 degree angle.

Make sure you brush all of your teeth’s chewing surfaces and every quadrant of your mouth. Brush your teeth gently, because scrubbing it too hard can cause inflammation and even bleeding.

A lot of the time bad breath is caused by people forgetting to brush their tongues. After you’re done brushing your teeth and gumline, don’t forget to also brush your tongue.

Choosing the Right Toothpaste for Your Dental Hygiene

Walking down the toothpaste aisle at any grocery store can be overwhelming. There are so many different brands and types of toothpaste. It can be hard to know where to start.

There’s toothpaste, tooth gel, tartar control, sensitivity paste, whitening, and fluoride toothpastes. Your best bet is to ask your hygienist or dentist which would be better for your unique dental situation.

Most of the time, it’s better to look for toothpastes that are clinically proven to help certain areas of dental health. For instance, if you’re suffering from gum disease, find an antibacterial toothpaste that’s clinically proven to improve gum health.

Some  toothpaste selections are straightforward. For instance, it’s easy to tell if you have sensitive teeth, based on feeling pain when eating food that’s cold, hot, or too sweet. Toothpaste for sensitive teeth can be highly effective at relieving sensitive teeth pain.

If you’re trying to brighten your smile, it’s best to choose a whitening toothpaste. However, whitening toothpastes can be abrasive on your teeth. A better choice for people with sensitive teeth is to use a whitening toothpaste with fluoride.

When it comes to choosing “natural toothpastes,” you might want to do some research to make sure that they’re approved by the ADA. Sometimes, natural toothpastes claim to prevent tooth decay, but they haven’t been clinically proven with research.

Bluetooth Toothbrush Makes Healthy Teeth Easy

Recently, the brand Kolibree announced the release of their Bluetooth toothbrush. Kolibree’s toothbrush was invented to help you brush your teeth as effectively as possible. It detects which area of your mouth it’s brushing, then sends information to your cell phone, giving you real time information about your progress.

As you brush, there’s also a diagram on the app that shows you the parts of your mouth you’ve brushed, so you can make sure you’re thoroughly brushing and not missing the back parts of your mouth.  For instance, if you’re spending too much time brushing your bottom teeth, you’ll get a message on your screen telling you to focus on your top teeth.

When you finish brushing, the app gives you a grade based on how thoroughly you brush. Much like fitness apps, you can track your performance over time. This app and bluetooth toothbrush is a great way to challenge your children to take care of their oral health. It creates a reward system by allowing you to unlock badges over time. You can also connect with other people on the app, creating a competition to see who brushes the best.

Visit Advanced Dental Center for Dental Hygiene Tips

It can be hard to find the time to make it to the dentist every 6 months. One of the best way to take control of your dental health is by talking to your dentist and hygienist. We’re able to assess where your hygiene habits are lacking and get you on a proper regimen to restore your health.

If during your appointment we see signs of decay, we can get you on a fluoride rinse or toothpaste. Routine dental visits are also important for cleaning away tartar buildup that you miss at home.

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