How Your Smile Affects First Impressions and Getting a Job

tooth loss and getting a jobHave you been putting your dental health on the backburner? If you’re already suffering from sufficient tooth decay or missing teeth, then getting back on the road to good dental health can be difficult. In our last blog, we talked about some preventative eating habits you can make for better oral health.

Good dental health is incredibly important and it can affect your life in many ways. A third of Americans admit that the first thing they notice about a person’s face is their teeth and smile.

A good smile can disarm people, build trust, and create a lasting impression. This week, the doctors at Advanced Dental Center are blogging from Florence, SC to talk about how powerful your smile is when it comes to landing jobs.

People Are Naturally are Superficial

A study done by Kelton Research contrasted pictures of men and women with crooked teeth and surveyed people’s perceptions. The participants didn’t know they were comparing straight and crooked teeth, and the findings were startlingly superficial.

For one, the people with straight teeth were perceived as being happier, more loved, and professionally successful. In fact, three-fourths of the participants said they were more likely to trust someone with a nice smile.

People are more likely to positively label men and women with straight teeth than those with crooked teeth Even more so, 38% of Americans wouldn’t go on a second date with someone who has a crooked smile, and people with straight smiles are 57% more likely to get a date.

Oral Health and Professional Success

Studies show that bad teeth can actually prevent qualified candidates from getting jobs and promotions. In one particular incident, a counseling office at Salt Lake City was looking to fill their front desk position.

They had gone through a lot of candidates when they met with a 35-year-old mother, who was getting back into work after her husband lost a job. According to another office worker, everyone in the office liked her and she had good credentials, so they hired her as a temporary worker.

As time progressed, the patients loved her and all of the front desk workers told their bosses to hire her full-time. However, the managers decided to go with a different candidate for the full-time position.

Eventually, at a meeting, someone asked why they hadn’t hired the 35-year-old mother for good. Surprisingly, the office manager said it was because she had bad teeth. She didn’t fit the office “image.”

This isn’t the only case of employers not choosing a qualified candidate because they have crooked, missing or bad teeth. How you smile can either create a lasting impression or a so-so impression.

Your smile can essentially be a deal maker or a deal breaker in a job interview. In another study, Americans found people with straight teeth to be 45% more likely to get a job than a competitor with the same skill-set.

Not to mention, missing teeth can make it harder for prospects to smile confidently in their interviews, and confidence goes a long way when it comes to securing a job.

Interestingly, there is a correlation between lower income Americans and poor dental health. This speaks to the current state of America’s insurance systems and the ability for low-income families to have access to dental care

Tips for Getting a Job in the Midst of a Dental Problem

On, a reader was worried that their dental problems were the source of their unemployment. In fact, they had been unemployed for 2 years, as they were dealing with a noticeable chip in their front tooth.

Like many Americans, this reader didn’t have dental insurance and couldn’t afford to pay out of pocket. The manager that answered his question said that some managers would make judgments based on their dental health.

However, she mentioned an instance where a man came into an interview with an entire row of missing teeth. He confidently shook her hand, and then proceeded to apologize about how he was in the middle of having dental work done and was embarrassed about his teeth.

His show of honesty and confidence left an impression on her, and she was able to understand where he was coming from – seeing as a lot of people go through dental problems at some point in their lives.

The manager proposed that being honest about his embarrassment made it harder for her to feel judgemental of his situation. Instead, she was just left feeling empathetic for the guy.

Fix Your Lost or Broken Teeth

While it’s not impossible to get a job with a lost or broken tooth, it affects the impressions that you make on people. It can make you lack confidence and ultimately change how people perceive you.

With modern dentistry, you don’t have to live with a lost or broken tooth. If you don’t have dental insurance or the money to pay for out of pocket costs, Advanced Dental Center in Florence is here to help.

We know that the economy is tough, and we want everybody to have access to good dental care. This is why we offer a 0% interest payment program. We want to make your treatments more affordable, and allow you to pay monthly payments that correlate with your budget.

To learn more about the cost and financing of dental implants or other cosmetic surgeries, visit our website or call us for a free consultation at 843-438-4871.