Dental Implants in Florence, SC

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the standard of care in replacing missing, broken or damaged teeth. Starting with small titanium posts that are surgically embedded to your jawbone and capped with replacement teeth, this tooth replacement option has an approximately 95% success rate. This restoration is quite popular because it is a long term option for fixing smiles and restoring self-confidence.

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Why Dental Implants?

Would you like to know why so many patients choose dental implants? If you are unsatisfied with your smile because of missing teeth, dental implants could be the best tooth replacement option for you!  One of the main reasons dental implants are so popular is their ability to feel just like your natural teeth, stay secure and provide many other outstanding benefits.

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Dental Implant Process

The actual process depends on a number of important factors. Some patients may need a bone grafting procedure before going through the dental implants procedure. For the most part, the dental implant process is broken into 5 easy stages.

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Dental Implant Benefits

Dental implants are considered by dentists to be a vast improvement from dentures and they also have many amazing benefits.  With dental implants, patients can restore the look, feel and function of their smiles as well as their self-confidence, oral health and overall wellness.

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Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Dental implants have quickly replaced dentures as the most popular tooth-replacement option.  Their natural-look, stability, durability and comfort help patients choose them over dentures and other options.

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Are You a Candidate?

Good candidates for dental implants have adequate bone, healthy gum structure and overall good health.  Patients must also be willing to follow doctor’s orders.

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Bone Grafting

If patients lack adequate jawbone structure to support dental implants, bone grafting may be an option to strength your jawbone prior to dental implantation.   After the jawbone has healed from the procedure, patients can be re-evaluated for dental implants.

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Tooth Decay And Dental Implants

Tooth decay is a common problem for most of the population at some point in their lives.  Dental implants can provide a stable, durable and long-term fix for teeth that have been lost due to tooth decay.

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