Dental Implant Benefits

There are many choices for exceptional tooth replacement procedures, but dental implants are standard of care chosen by most dentists to restore missing or damaged teeth. With a amazing functionality and a more natural look, dental implants give patients new teeth that look and feel just like real teeth. Here is a list of some other benefits patients can experience with dental implants from Advanced Center Denter Of Florence:

Improved Appearance

Your missing teeth or dentures may have aged your face prematurely with wrinkles, hollows and a hallow appearance. Dental implants fill in spaces where teeth should be and help patients regain fullness in their face.

More Dietary Freedom

Damaged or missing teeth can prevent patients from chewing properly and enjoying the foods they love. You may have stopped eating some foods because you are afraid your dentures will move causing embarrassment and discomfort. With permanently installed dental implants, patients can bite naturally, eat anything they want and stop worrying about discomfort or movement.

Increased Durability

Bridges and dentures only last five to ten years before they need to be replaced. Alternatively, dental implants can last for many years longer if they are properly placed and cared for.

Better Hygiene

Dentures and bridges may require extra cleaning and oral hygiene steps. Dental implants can be cared for just as you would your natural teeth and can even be looked at when you see your dentist during routine visits. Normal brushing and flossing should also be done on a daily basis.

More Clear Speech

Dentures can creates a struggle to pronounce everyday words or make speeches. But because they are permanent attached and function like strong natural teeth, dental implants can restore normal speech and allow you to get back to natural conversations.

Improved Dental Health

Other tooth replacement options can create increased plaque build-up and a greater chance of gum disease and tooth damage. Dental implants are a better option because they cause no additional risks of oral health problems and they are resistant to tooth decay. This means that you will never need a filling or a root canal for your dental implant.

Better Bone Health

When patients cannot chew normally because of missing or damaged teeth, the jawbone can deteriorate, losing its density and volume over time. Dental implants are the only dental restoration option that preserves and stimulates natural bone, actually helping to stimulate bone growth and prevent bone loss. This is not possible with dentures.

Come To Advanced Dental Center Of Florence For Superior Dental Implant Benefits

If you live in the Florence, SC area and want to experience the benefits of dental implants for yourself we are here to help. Don’t suffer in silence for another day with lost teeth or inferior tooth replacement options. Dental implants are a better tooth replacement option that could help you get back on track with speed, permanence and ease. Our informative website offers helpful information about the dental implants process and great financing options. Today is the day to get your smile and your self-confidence back with dental implants from Advanced Dental Center Of Florence .