Dental Implant Process

Do you have missing or damaged teeth and want a solution to your tooth loss problems?  Fortunately you have options!  Dental implant treatments can now be quickly, safely and painlessly performed in your dentist’s office. Supplemental surgical procedures, like tissue or bone grafting, are sometimes performed at the same time as your dental implant treatment. Here are some more details about the dental implants installation process and how the miraculous end results are achieved.

The Parts Of A Dental Implant

Dental implants from Advanced Dental Center of Florence are composed of three basic pieces: a fixture (root), an abutment (middle piece) and a crown (artificial tooth). Once fully healed, these three parts make up a natural-looking tooth that can assist patients get back to normal chewing, speaking and smiling in no time at all.

How Will My Dental Implants Be Installed?

Prior to beginning your dental implants treatment at Advanced Dental Center of Florence, you will have a complete examination with one of our doctors. This initial exam will allow us to examine your teeth, take x-rays and make careful measurements of your jaw. You will also have a chance to ask any questions you may have.

Stage One: The first stage of the actual dental implant placement consists of implanting the artificial tooth root. The location for the implant is selected by one of our skilled doctors after examining your surrounding teeth and deciding where the root is best placed. Once the implant fixture has completely healed, another small incision will be made in the healed gum tissues to surgically expose the fixture.

Stage Two: At the second stage of your dental implant installation, a post called an abutment will be attached to the fixture piece. The gum tissues are then allowed to heal around the abutment in a second period of healing. While this stage occurs, your doctor will begin carefully crafting a replacement tooth (or crown) that perfectly matches the texture, shape and color of your natural teeth. In this stage, your doctor’s experience and skill are critical to creating the most natural-looking tooth possible.

Stage Three: The last dental implant installation stage involves connecting the replacement tooth (or crown) to the abutment piece. This is the most rewarding stage since you can now enjoy your stunning new smile!

Will The Procedure Hurt?

The amount of pain experienced by patients during dental procedure varies from patient to patient. Your pain level will also depend on a number of factors including where the implant is located, how many implants are being installed and your overall health. However, most patients claim that the process is no more painful than a tooth extraction. During your procedure, general anesthetic is administered to minimize discomfort. After your procedure, any residual pain can usually be controlled well with over the counter pain medications.

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