Get Wholly Satisfied at Wholly Smokin’ BBQ

smoked ribsLocal businesses are the heartbeat of this town. They provide our community with premium goods and services that can only be found at small businesses.

Part of the reason I began this blog was to help promote our beautiful Florence, SC community. With that being said, over the course of the next few blogs we’re going to switch topics from dental health.

Instead, we’re going to talk about some of the local businesses that help Florence, SC thrive. When it comes to executing smoked BBQ, no restaurant in this town does it better than Wholly Smokin’ BBQ. Smoking meats to perfection is an art form. It requires a passion, patience, and experimenting with temperatures, woodchips, and recipes.

Most people dream of turning their hobby into their day job, and Bill Travis, the owner of Wholly Smokin’ BBQ did just that when he opened his restaurant in 2012. Bill has won a variety of awards for his smoked BBQ, and he’s nobly used his business as a place to bring our community together. But besides the community involvement, what really makes this restaurant stand out is the food.

Wholly Smokin’ is conveniently located on “Restaurant Row” in downtown Florence. Last time I went to Wholly Smokin’, my mouth was watering before we even stepped inside. The sweet delicious smell of smoked meat wafted into the parking lot and down the street, making me excited for the BBQ I was about to experience.

We made it for the lunch menu, and the dining area was laid-back and comfortable. The exposed brick walls make you feel like you’re in a hole in the wall BBQ joint, while the comfortable seating and elegant woodwork says otherwise.

While Wholly Smokin’ is famous for their BBQ, they also have other menu options. I glazed over the menu quickly, because I already knew what I wanted. All of the appetizers, soups, salads, and other menu items sounded delicious – but I was there on a mission for ribs.

I ordered the half rack of smoked spare ribs with a side of creamy slaw and spicy BBQ beans. I was impressed to see that there was a full-service bar, too, but I skipped out on the libations and ordered a sweet tea. The sweet tea was tasty. It wasn’t McDonald’s sting your mouth sweet, but it also had a nice flavor.

Our food arrived at a reasonable time. Although, it wouldn’t have bothered me if they took a while, considering that good smoked BBQ is made by waiting. When my huge rib plate arrived at the table, I was practically drooling on my plate. I was excited to see that they used a dry rub, because sometimes places use overpowering sauces that take away from the smoky flavor of the meat.

When I took my first bites of the ribs, I knew it was worth it. The meat was tender, juicy, fall off the bone, and slow cooked to perfection. These ribs didn’t need the different flavors of sauce that were on the table. I devoured them in minutes.

The slaw and baked beans were also rich, fresh, and homemade. Delicious home cooking like this is what the South is all about. Wholly Smokin’ BBQ encompasses the down-home feel and local culture that makes Florence a charming place to live.

If you haven’t made it to Wholly Smokin’ BBQ, or if you’re traveling through Florence from out of town, I highly recommend that you make your way to their restaurant. It’ll be a good opportunity to show off your beautiful smile.